American Christians and These “United” States 2020

As an American Christian as well as a Preacher of the gospel, I am not only troubled by the current culture in the “United” States of America, but I am challenged by the thoughts about what can or should be done. What should the Christian’s reaction be? What should the American Christian be doing in response to any of it?

First, I will make it known that I first and foremost believe that every Christian around the world should always be about the Lord’s business. The business of making disciples. In that regard, it should be business as usual for the believer. We should be about the work of the Kingdom no matter the climate or culture around us.

Part of the dilemma in my mind is not so much about what we are supposed to be doing as the body of Christ but what could or should be done as Christian Americans. If anything. I have some issues when thinking about how the American believers have always stood firm on the fact that the country was founded on Christian values by Christian men and women.

We have always held those Christian men and women as not only American heroes but also heroes of the faith as well. We celebrate their accomplishments as they literally fought for their and our freedoms as people and as Christians. We for so long, I guess until now, have been proud of the battles and wars that they willingly fought so that they and we could enjoy a nation where we are free to believe what we want to believe. As well as anyone else for that matter.

We look at the men who signed the constitution as great Christian Americans who courageously stood in the face of tyranny and oppression in a forceful way, yet we now look at each other and simply say, we should just keep making disciples and focus on the Kingdom work. Which I agree with. However, I cannot help but ask myself, what if part of the Kingdom work is doing something about the tyranny and injustice that is happening against our freedoms?

I feel that the believers think it possible for that to be part of Kingdom work because we are always saying, “we need more Christians in office”, thinking that it will help preserve our freedoms. After all, isn’t that what we have always celebrated in our founding Christian Americans? Yet somehow, we seem to act as though that should be some other Christian instead of the one looking back in the mirror.

Do we not proudly cry out that “This country was founded on Christian principles; therefore, it is a Christian nation!” But now, when the baton is handed to us, we seem to be silent. We seem to be relying on “the vote”. All I hear is, “wait till November”. Although I still believe in the voting process, I do not trust the ones who are to manage that process.

Whatever happens after November, I am confident that our current culture will only get worse. If one group is elected, things will continue to get worse, if the other is elected, things may explode socially! It seems like we only have a choice between letting the wind blow the fire even bigger or pouring gasoline on the fire to help it grow. It just seems inevitable to me that evil will continue to abide and abound as long as godly people sit back and either deny that it is happening or have the attitude that someone else will do something about it.

Yes, I realize that scripture teaches much about the world being in decay due to sin and the consequences of wickedness. However, I do not know if I believe that it would be God’s will for the believers to just sit on the side of the road and not at least speak out against the ways of the evil one! Our current culture has become such that anyone who disagrees with “the mob”, Christian or not, will be smacked down and shunned from society!

I cannot help but reflect on Galatians 5:19 “The acts of the sinful nature are obvious:…” All throughout the scripture, the prophets, the disciples, the believers, and Jesus stood up and spoke against such things, boldly! Which leaves me with one question. Why not me? Why not the American Christian in 2020? What is hindering the church from their zeal? What is it?

Maybe it is just me. Maybe I am the one who should sit down and be quiet. Maybe I should join the ranks of other Christian Americans and just quietly continue to hold church services and act like the ways of the wicked are not destroying everything that we once considered a blessing from God.

Or maybe it really is me. Maybe I am one whom God is leading to do or say something in the darkness about the acts of the sinful nature, which are obvious! Until now, I have been silent about the goings on in this world publicly because I did not want to contribute to the non-sense. Nor do I want to participate in the loose lipped style of sharing opinions and rants which have no use except to fuel the current climate. Nor would it bring glory to God and His Kingdom. I just wonder if I am the only one of God’s faithful believers that He would lead to follow in the paths of our American forefathers? Or am I simply mistaken about it all?

We Americans have this bad habit of falling into the trap of believing that the worst-case scenario will never happen to us. After all, we are Americans. American Christians for crying out loud! I think we would do well to remind ourselves of the problems that God’s chosen people, the Israelites, had each time they thought too much of themselves simply because God showed them favor.

I guess I just don’t see how we lift up our founding fathers as great American Christians while at the same time conclude that for any or all of us to do the same things that they did for the sake of freedom would not be the right thing to do. Last time I checked; freedom of any kind is always worth fighting for.

I will say for sure, much prayer and fasting is needed.

God help us all!

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