About Archie

My name is Archie L. Gilmer

I am a regular guy seeking truth just like everyone else. The first half of my life was spent just trying to survive in the world. It wasn’t until 2002 when my wife and I started going to a church in Indianapolis, IN that we started living our lives for God. In an effort to make a long story short, I grew up moving a lot. I was born in Alabama, moved to Tennessee, and then ended up in Indiana and Illinois. Later as a young adult I moved even more. Let’s just say that there probably isn’t a state in the mid-west that I haven’t lived in. I did not go to college after high school. I was too busy racing cars and other things. So not too long after my wife and I were baptized we went into mission work. After a couple of years I took a position at a church as an Associate Pastor where I spent the next two years. It wasn’t until 2008 when I started my studies at Cincinnati Christian University in Indianapolis.

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In 2010 my wife Pam and I moved to North Carolina where I became the Preaching Pastor at Williamston Church of Christ. Many things have happened along this journey and I have seen the Lord in many ways. I became the Chaplain for our local Fire Department where I was a volunteer as EMT and Firefighter as well as our Police Department where I am also a sworn police officer. I went through a lot of training for both departments and am currently continuing my studies at Johnson University. I finally completed a Masters Program there. In December of 2018, my wife and I moved to Arden, NC in the Blue Ridge Mountains to start a new Preaching ministry at Oak Grove Christian Church. To God be the glory!