Florence vs. The Kingdom of God

When the struggles of life are really real, that is when the true colors of humanity become evident to the world. Often times we fall into this trap of building this false presentation of control and self-sustainment of our own lives to the world around us. Naively believing that we have created this life in which we have little worries of danger. All the while chasing after more and more luxuries and pleasures of the World.

Most of us, when we hear things like that, we automatically think of others or even reject the idea that it is even true, especially about self. However, the proof is found when it all hits the fan.

When this world and everything that God created shows itself to be bigger and stronger than anything that we can build on our own, such as we just witnessed with Hurricane Florence, that is when we are forced to deal with the reality of our frail and insufficient abilities to obtain or even sustain personal and spiritual security for ourselves.

The fact is, and we all already know this, we are not in control of much in this world. Sure, we have the free will to make decisions that chart the coarse of our lives, but that is all we are in control of. We cannot control anyone else, we cannot control the rest of God’s creation, and we cannot control Satan and his wickedness. We certainly cannot control God and His Kingdom. In many ways, we are along for the ride.

The ride I am referring to is life itself. This life we live in the flesh. The time we spend living in this world until we no longer exist in this world. Another fact is that life is short.

“Yet you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away.” James 4:14

Hurricane Florence has claimed lives and devastated many who may have thought that they were secure from all harm, some believers and some not. In the middle of it all, it is those who are making choices to be involved in bringing relief to the suffering and comfort to the distressed who are taking what little they can control and making a powerful impact.

Photo Courtesy of Two Rivers Church Facebook page New Bern NC

In the middle of the disasters in life, it is always the Kingdom of God that prevails. The people who have chosen to be a part of the Kingdom of God are the ones who may or may not be directly affected by the storm, drop everything and share time, effort, money and supplies to help a neighbor. Sure there are many people in the world who participate in this out of the goodness of their heart, but it is the Kingdom of God which leads the way.

This is what the church is all about, this is the framework of the body of Christ. Each congregation of believers serving the Lord where ever they are yet ready to respond to a neighbor. This is classic Acts 2:44-45,

“And all those who had believed were together and had all things in common; and began selling their property and possessions and were sharing them with all, as anyone might have needed.”

When I see evidence of the many congregations and other groups from around the country and the world heading toward the needs of the suffering, I see the Kingdom of God at work. This is who we are in Christ, this is the witness for the Kingdom of God!

“Bear one another’s burdens,and thereby fulfill the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2

Photo courtesy of Two Rivers Church Facebook Page New Bern NC

We all have control over what kind of legacy we will leave behind. We all have control over the choices we make and what our lives will be about. It is important to realize that all of our decisions in this life are rooted in the most important decision that no one can avoid. Are we going to live our lives committed to being a part of the Kingdom of God? Or are we going to live our short lives building our own kingdoms?

Aside from what I would think is the obvious benefits or consequences of choosing one or the other of these choices, eternal life with God or without God, it is important to see the results of each. After all, if this is all we are really in control of, surely we do not want to get it wrong!

Making the choice to enter the Kingdom of God and live this short life experiencing and representing the Kingdom of God, now that produces real joy, and blessing! Those who use their free will to choose to be a part of this Kingdom are beginning their eternal life of serving and enjoying the biggest, most powerful entity in all of existence!

This choice is not all about going to heaven after we die, although eternal life in the presence of our Holy God is an awesome part of it, it is about being restored to and participating in the greatest community of all communities! The family of God!

Making the choice to live life outside of the Kingdom of God is an option. Beware, the consequences are great! Sure, success in this wold is possible, joy and happiness may be experienced, as much as this world can offer.

At least until the storms of life become stronger or when the vapor call life vanishes away. At which point anything good will also vanish. Leaving only misery and pain for eternity. Because the motivating factor behind this way of life is to take care of self.

The choice is yours, either way the Kingdom of God will prevail!

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